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About King's

About Schools & Colleges

Our schools & colleges are committed to provide intellectual, social, cultural and economic benefits to communities through programs of education, co-curriculum activities, research and scholarships. Our schools & colleges are delivering world class education and research in the national education system of Bangladesh. Moreover, it has been involved in the next practice in the form of world citizenship education and makes an innovative and creative system for smart and enlightened generation.

Quality Policy

CEG’s Schools & Colleges are committed to providing intellectual, social, cultural and economic benefits to communities through programs of education, research and scholarship. This commitment is supported by the Quality Management System (QMS) that provides the planning, strategy, reporting and continual improvement processes that will create awareness to all customers, clients and stakeholders.


Our mission is to produce highly skilled manpower, visionary leaders and enlightened citizens by imparting high quality education through useful research. We are committed to develop human capital by sharpening creative thinking. Besides creation and diffusion of knowledge, our mission includes promotion of humanism and peace through ethical education. As a part of social component, we endeavour to induce changes for betterment of the society as a whole through educational and public services.


Our vision is to become one of the leading educational institutions in the country and a centre of excellence in primary, secondary and higher secondary education level in the world. We believe to introduce new programs to improve quality of education and review performances to identify opportunities for continual improvement. We aim to dedicate the highest standards of ethical behaviour, innovation, customer focus and a management-systems perspective which drives continuous improvement in all that we do.


The basic needs approach incorporates/ declares “Education” as one of the five basic needs and a realistic, scientific and country oriented development policy is vital for satisfying all basic needs. Previously lots of policies have been taken for achieving the fundamental needs, however the success rate was not at a satisfactory level. One of the biggest causes of this failure is the absence of an effective education policy and its implementation.

We believe a progressive, scientific education system will prepare the citizens in a precise way so that they can create employment opportunities for others. They will also step forward to break the concept of “first create employment opportunities then educate people”.

Kings schools and colleges acknowledge the precise area of education and committed to provide world class education. It reflects in our slogans

  • Education for global opportunity
  • Education for skill
  • Education for employment

Our intellectual creations will not only serve the people of Bangladesh but also they will enter into the global market with national and international experiences.

The Founder & Chairman of CEG’s Schools & Colleges, Ln. M. K. Bashar PMJF is working hard to establish a new dimension in our education sector, which will be a landmark for all other educational institutions and through these approaches Bangladesh will touch the highest peak of success.

Quality Education for All by Inspiring Innovation

Quality education enables a human being to develop all his qualities and skills to achieve his aims as a member of society. It is the best approach to provide all learners with education for inspiring innovation and building up the capabilities that they require to become economically productive, contribute to peaceful and democratic society with the enhancement of individual well-being. It is also considered as the best way to ensure capacity development of teachers and other stakeholders to improve their quality.

Since its establishment in 1993, Cambrian Education Group (CEG) run by the BSB Foundation Bangladesh, has been working to develop student’s experiential learning to ensure quality education for all. By providing the necessary resources and structures, needed to inspire the total learning process and enhance the creativity of our teachers and instructional staff, CEG has come across new opportunities and experiences for our students.

In the context of Bangladesh, quality education is more essential for developing the foundation required for a highly trained work force. Education is the base for deriving the benefits of the information revolution towards building a ‘Digital Bangladesh’. CEG believes that “Digital Education” includes investment in technology and the creation of original tools to give the students opportunities to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world. The organization also admits that, the purpose of digital education is to transform the way people find a range of technologies and allow the students to excel in their professional and personal lives. By recognizing the circumstances, CEG has ensured the digital education system from its very beginning in pre-primary, primary, secondary, higher secondary, professional and higher education levels. It also supports teachers in innovating and transforming the areas of digital media in teaching, learning and professional development of teachers - staff and now this group is recognized as the “Pioneer of Digital Education System” in Bangladesh. CEG is also taking an initiative to launch the first and only educational TV channel “CTV” in Bangladesh to ensure that Bangladeshi students should have access to the best possible learning environment.

Furthermore, CEG believes that the sharing of all innovative approaches of today’s learning process with other educational institutions at home and abroad is invaluable. We share these approaches not only through different TV channels, but we also arrange seminars, workshops, training sessions, health care campaigns for students, common people and other educational institutions to share those initiatives. We are committed to doing it by keeping the same spirit, regardless of the era, race, sex and institutions.

We will celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of independence of Bangladesh in 2021.On this great occasion, CEG has undertaken “Education Vision 2021” as a social movement for spreading education, and promises to achieve the objective of celebrating this occasion, an illiteracy free Bangladesh.

We firmly believe that it would have never been possible to achieve our goal without the unconditional trust and cooperation from all concerned. We express our gratitude to the scholars, educationists, learners and the people of Bangladesh for their invaluable supports, which have encouraged us to be committed to achieve the vision of 2021.

Now it is the best time to work together to achieve our 2021 goal!

Again, it is the best time to ensure quality education for all to make a digital and literate Bangladesh by 2021.

Kings School & College Philosophy

Every person has the right and capacity to be involved in learning, achieve their aims and make a significant and positive contribution to their community.

The world around us is evolving at a surprising rate and the speed of change is increasing every day. So, we need to prepare the CEG students as skilled future citizens. The way we have previously delivered education is no longer effective. Together, we are changing our way of thinking to a new approach. This new approach of education is expressed in one simple but powerful statement and that is- “Education to Inspire Innovation”. As per this approach:

we are focused towards our goal and “students” are our first priority;

we want to develop our traditional methods of teaching by incorporating new helpful methods with those;

we create opportunities for our students to learn;

we invest in our students and enrich their talent to acquire the capabilities to become economically productive, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual well-being to inspire innovation and excellence;

all of our students are provided with a caring, creative, and engaging pedagogy that helps them to achieve their aims; therefore, they will have the capacity to engage themselves in learning throughout their lifetime;

we are liable for evaluating our students’ work and progress and providing constructive opinions that enrich their careers and we are dedicated to spread quality education by keeping the same spirit, irrespective of the era, race, sex and institutions.

“Education to Inspire Innovation” has generated rich debates and thoughtful insight by highlighting our values, skills, practices and knowledge, which will be helpful in a dynamic way for our next generations in a rapidly changing world.

The world is rapidly changing. Jobs are being created based on modern technology that did not even exist several years ago.

Now-a-days, we live in a world where anyone can discover the secrets of the arctic or ultimate depth of the ocean at a click of a mouse without even stepping out of the house. Knowledge is not limited to textbooks anymore.

We are helping our students to understand newly innovated learning tools and inspiring them to become responsible citizens and engaged thinkers with an ethical spirit.

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